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World’s only compressor with a unique dual material construction . The cylinder block is made up of cast iron that prevents wear & tear, thus imparting longevity to the unit. The Crankcase and cylinder head are made from aluminium.  The Compact design and choice of aluminium as a raw material helps in efficient cooling of the unit. Aluminium crankcase keeps the oil in the sump cooler, thus enhancing the performance of the unit

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Two pressure gauges, one for pressure setting in the receiver and one for regulating the outlet pressure from the receiver. Pressure switch with overload protection keeps the compressor safe even in voltage fluctuations. Oil dipstick with vent hole keeps a check on oil level in the oil sump and releases excess pressure. Pressure regulator regulates the outlet pressure from the tank. Plastic shroud keeps the hot and moving parts safe and prevents any accidents. Shock absorbent pad effectively absorbs the vibration generated during operation and keeps the whole unit stable. Large wheels enhance the portability of the compressor. Supplied with Poly Urethane retractable hose for attaching any equipment such as Blow gun, Paint spray guns, Tyre inflater etc.

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