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Coolant / Liquid Mixers are used for mixing liquid coolant concentrate with water. Used in several industrial applications for correct mixing of coolants. Manufactured from aluminium, the GROZ coolant mixers work on rotary disc valve mechanism.
Compact construction and minimal parts. Driven by pressure from water supply. Adjustment for mixing ratio is variable and controlled via a simple turn of the knob. In-built suction tube and 2" bung fits directly onto 205 litre coolant drums

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Belt Oil Skimmers remove tramp oils from coolant tanks, CNC machines, part washers etc. Light weight non-corroding aluminium die cast construction. Magnet on the base permits installation on any metal base. Compact design fits on almost all CNC machines & also on a 2" dia. bung hole on 205 litre drums. Built-in oil decanter/separator - the decanter collects oil and coolant picked up by the skimmer & separates it through the mechanism of gravity. Oil is sent to a disposal container and coolant back to the coolant tank - saving about 90% of the coolant

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