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Positron Elektrowerk was founded in the year 2009 for manufacturing technologically advanced new generation professional power tools. In 2010, Positron entered into Joint venture partnership with M/S Eibenstock Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, Germany. The company is founded in year 1919 and from its start specializes in professional products for heavy duty construction industry. The joint venture covers financial as well as technical aspects in power tool design, development and manufacturing. Positron also distributes entire Eibenstock product range in the Indian subcontinent. Eibenstock power tools are currently marketed in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company offers a wide variety of heavy duty professional power tools for metal working and construction Industry.


Magnetic Core Drilling Machine

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Magnetic Core Drilling Machine

Magnetic Core Drilling

Extremely light weight Magnetic core drill machine. Due to its ideal weight to power ratio it can be used for production jobs onsite where a user needs to make many holes in a single day.

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Drilling & Screwing

Ideal machine with aluminium gear box for sturdy and rugged operation and best in class impact rate makes drilling in brick and aerated concrete really easy.

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Diamond Core Drilling Machines

Diamond Core Drilling

Our Concrete core drill machine can drill up to 450 mm in re-enforced concrete easily with a powerful motor with 2 mechanical speeds. The only machine in its price range to offer oil cooled gear box which gives long working life to the contractor especially where they need to make many holes in a single day. 
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Mixing & Spraying Tools

Mixing / Spraying

This Painter Plaster, Cement Spray Machine useful for construction and wall painting work. Cooperate with air compressor or air pump.
 The stirrer for efficient mixing also of most difficult & multicomponent materials 
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Sanding / Milling / Smoothing Machines

Sanding / Milling / Smoothing

The innovative surface milling system as precise and fast alternative – high power but low weight.

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Sawing/Cutting/Silting machines

Sawing / Cutting / Silting

The powerful cutting system, for cutting stones, concrete, metal and wood

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Polishing / Calendaring Machine

Polishing / Calendaring

Wet angled polisher with the proved 60 degree gearbox

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Vacuuming / Blowing Machines

Vacuuming / Blowing

Economic wet and dry vacuum cleaner with stainless steel tanks and also provides double filtration for fine dust. The machine also allows intelligent coupling with a power tool increasing user convenience and is extremely useful with concrete applications.

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Vacuuming / Blowing Machines

Products & Accessories

HSS Annular Cutters & Concrete Cutter Bits.

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