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    Trailer Efficiency Solutions

    Improving economy is the biggest challenge facing fleet operators today – and WABCO has a range of solutions designed to maximize the efficiency of every trailer in the yard. From intelligent air suspension control products to drag-reducing aerodynamic aids, our technology can provide the ultimate win-win: offering rapid return on investment through enhanced productivity while also simultaneously shrinking carbon footprints.

Opti Flow™ Aerodynamics Solutions

With an innovative aeronautical technology applied to road vehicles, these unique aerodynamics devices for trailers offer significant fuel savings on long haul heavy-duty transports at highway speeds.
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Opti Flow™ Tail

Europe’s best performing aerodynamic trailer tail

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Opti flow™ Side Wings

Proven aerodynamic side skirt technology for trailers

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Trailer Suspension Controls

From conventional air suspension to the latest electronic air suspension – it's all here to provide a smooth, constant ride quality by self-levelling all the while delivering further unique features.
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Conventional Air Suspension

Multiple solutions controlled by pneumatic devices for most trailer applications.

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Lift Axle Control

Automatically lifts or lowers the lift axle depending on the trailer load condition.

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Opti Level™

Latest generation of air suspension control for commercial trailers

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